Offers notebook-powered analytics with capability to handle infinite compute resources. Provides easy collaboration, scalability and an efficient pricing model.
Zepl is a DataRobot Zepl Notebook platform that offers notebook-powered analytics for enterprise teams. With Zepl, users can easily import and share their Jupyter and Zeppelin notebooks with all dependencies intact, making collaboration with both technical and non-technical colleagues seamless. One of the main advantages of using Zepl is its ability to provide infinite compute resources for all jobs. Users can easily scale up and down the amount of compute resources they need for any number of users without the need for IT involvement. This ensures that users have the necessary resources when they need them while only paying for what they use due to Zepl's per-minute pricing model. Furthermore, Zepl's container-based architecture spins up resources when they are needed and shuts them down when they are not, allowing users to avoid overpaying for idle compute resources. Zepl also empowers teams to utilize data science and machine learning to analyze any cloud data warehouse in an easy-to-use notebook format. It integrates seamlessly with popular open-source notebooks like Jupyter and Apache Zeppelin, and provides all the necessary tools for successful data analysis. Overall, Zepl offers a comprehensive platform for efficient and collaborative data analysis, making it a valuable asset for enterprises.