Cloud-based platform for comprehensive contract management, enhancing efficiency and security.
Contractbook is a cloud-based contract management software that provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to create, track, sign, centralize, and connect contracts in a single platform. It is designed for companies with 11 or more employees, offering a centralized repository for contracts of all sizes and types. With Contractbook, users can easily store and manage their company's contracts, create robust contract processes that are easy for all teams to follow, and connect contract data to their existing tech stack, including CRM and billing systems. The software enables users to enrich their contracts with data for powerful automations throughout the contract lifecycle. Contractbook has received positive feedback from users, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 97 and users reporting a faster closing time by up to 30% and up to 1.5 hours saved on each contract send. The software is highly regarded for its security features, including being SOC2 compliant, profile verification, secure SSL connection, encrypted storage, and regular penetration testing. Contractbook is used and loved by various brands and has proven to be a valuable tool for scaling internationally and automating manual tasks related to contracts. Overall, Contractbook offers businesses a holistic and efficient solution for managing their contracts, improving workflow efficiency, and reducing manual labor.