An AI-powered platform for improving pipeline-to-revenue conversion by offering intent-driven engagement with potential buyers.
6sense is an ABM (Account-Based Marketing) platform powered by Revenue AI™ that aims to help companies improve their pipeline to revenue conversion process. The platform provides revenue insights and eliminates guesswork by revealing which accounts matter the most. With 6sense, revenue teams gain access to data and visibility that empowers them to make data-driven decisions and engage with potential buyers at the right time. The platform leverages AI technology to uncover anonymous buyers, understand their behavior, and guide revenue teams towards the accounts most likely to make a purchase. Unlike traditional martech systems, 6sense is capable of interpreting crucial buying signals that are hidden in the Dark Funnel™, a term the company uses to describe the digital breadcrumb trails left by buyers during their research phase. By curating relevant B2B datasets, 6sense helps revenue teams engage with the right accounts, using personalized messages and effective timing. The platform offers various features such as intent data, accurate predictions of buying stages and fit, and recommendations for next best actions. 6sense integrates seamlessly with popular applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and SalesLoft to provide convenience and maximize the depth and breadth of available data. According to customer testimonials, 6sense has been instrumental in increasing win rates, opportunity volume, deal sizes, and reducing opportunity-related costs. The platform is trusted by thousands of industry-leading businesses and has received positive feedback from customers such as UJET, SEI, Auth0, and Sage Software. 6sense also offers integrations to aggregate insights, centralize audience creation, and empower teams with more ways to win. The platform is suitable for various roles within a company, including CMOs, demand gen, digital, CROs, inside sales, and RevOps. For those interested in seeing 6sense in action, the website offers the option to book a demo.