A secure digital vault for storing passwords, credit card information and sensitive documents. Offers simple sign-in, vault sharing, risk monitoring, and secure document storage.
1Password is a password manager that offers a range of features to help individuals, families, businesses, and teams protect their sensitive information. With the goal of keeping account information safe, 1Password functions as a digital vault, form filler, and secure digital wallet. Users can save identification, credit cards, and more in 1Password, ensuring that their information is secure in the event of a breach. 1Password offers different plans catered to different needs. Their Personal plan provides protection for individuals and families, allowing them to secure their information both at home and on the go. The Business plan is designed to secure businesses and their employees, offering easy collaboration and actionable insights. The Enterprise plan provides the freedom to make big moves without big risks. The Developer plan streamlines workflows and keeps secrets out of code. The platform's key features include seamless sign-ins and checkouts, simple and secure sharing through shared vaults, risk monitoring and mitigation, and compatibility with existing security stacks. Users can provision automatically with trusted tools, send log activity to their SIEM tool, and unlock 1Password with SSO to enhance sign-in security. 1Password is trusted by over 100,000 businesses and provides more than just a password manager, allowing users to store and protect medical records, sensitive documents, software licenses, and more. The platform is built on a strong security model, which includes a Secret Key for an extra layer of protection, ensuring that only the user can access their stored information. 1Password is also private by default, meaning that neither the company nor anyone else can see, use, share, or sell the stored information. To cater to individuals and businesses, 1Password offers various resources, including a beginner's guide to password management and in-depth information about their security model. They also provide a Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester, detailing the ROI and efficiency gains for businesses using 1Password. 1Password's support team is highly regarded and readily available to assist users. With its user-friendly interface and reliable security measures, 1Password offers peace of mind for individuals and businesses alike.